Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Washington International Horse Show

So here we are coming up to the Washington International Horse Show in a week or so. Once again, the horse show management and one horse transportation company have decided that nobody else is qualified to bring horses to the horse show directly. Again this year, they will force exhibitors to go to a remote location and transfer their horses and equipment to other trucks to be taken to the show (Exhibitors are forced to pay for this if they want to show). Now, some may make you believe this was plan was implemented because of the Police Department, wrong. They may also have you believe all the other horse transporters approve of this, wrong. They will also make people believe this is a contract put out to bid, wrong.
The Washington International Horse Show is charging exhibitors for this which means they are assuming total responsibility. Seems like a pretty big liability for a horse show to undertake, but that is their business.
Now, you ask the grooms and other carriers if they like this. Most of them will say no, but trainers and owners don't seem to care what they think.