Saturday, March 15, 2014

Horse Transportation Customer Relations

I find communication is very important in Horse Transportation as it is in any business.  Recently I went out of my way to handle the transportation of one horse for a person.  I rescheduled a load so the horse could be delivered when they wanted it delivered. I looked for other horses going in the same direction to save money, I gave them options how to save money.  All said and done, they was thankful that I did all this only to tell me they were going to use someone else, who of course is not a legal carrier.  I wonder if this person thinks I have nothing better to do than waste my time setting this stuff up.  This was done all through email, so if you are looking for horse transportation, you email companies, do not get a reply right away or at all, chances are the company isn't going your direction or may have been burned by someone like this. 

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  1. I am currently going through a nightmare right now with Elite Equine Express-Gary Leibrand out of MT. He has my deposit and has not shown up to take my horse like we contracted. Beware of this transport company